These types of chickens are usually younger, about 7-13 weeks, and range in weight from 4-5 pounds. Because they are small and young the meat is very tender making it perfect for roasting, broiling, frying, and grilling. These chickens are very versatile and probably the most common of all chickens on the market.
These chickens tend to be larger then the broilers because they are several months older. The typical age of a Roaster is anywhere from 3-5 months. A roaster tends to weigh anywhere from 5-8lbs. They are said to be more flavorful then broilers. The most common method for preparing this bird is roasting but can be prepared in many ways because the meat is still quite tender.
Rhode Island/ Grays/ Red Cockerels
These chickens range anywhere from 4-8lbs. They are a very flavorful variety of poultry, and most commonly used for stews because their meat is a bit tougher and can withstand long periods of cooking. This variety of poultry is very common around the world including South America, Asia, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 
Layers/Heavy Fowl/Roosters 
These varieties of chicken have the toughest but most flavorful meat. They range anywhere from 3-12lbs. Commonly used for soups and stews. These too are very common around the world, and in many cultures.
Squab is simply a young pigeon. It is a dark meat and has been considered a delicacy dating back to ancient times. It has even been called the “Meat of kings”. Its very flavorful, moist, tender, and very versatile. Typically it is roasted.
Quail are terrestrial birds related to the pheasant. They typically weigh only a few ounces. The meat is very tender and succulent with a delicate flavor. Quail is considered a delicacy, and is commonly roasted but it can be prepared in a variety of methods including broiling, grilling, and frying.
Chuckers are most commonly known as Partridges, and are also related to the Pheasant and Quail. They are a medium sized bird weighing in at about a pound. Like the Quail, the Chuckers’ meat is very tender and succulent with a very slight gamey flavor. Chuckers are considered a delicacy, and are commonly roasted, braised, or broiled; however it can be prepared in a variety of methods. They make a great addition to soups and stews as well.
Pheasants are truly a beautiful bird. The Ancient Egyptians and the Romans have praised them throughout history. Their meat is tender and succulent. They are often roasted and braised, however Pheasant can be made in many different ways.
Guinea Hens
Guinea Hens are a bird originally from West Africa, hence the name Guinea. Guinea birds are related to both the chicken and the partridge. They tend to weigh between 3 and 5 pounds. Their meat is dark and can be a bit dry with a delicate gamey flavor. Guinea Hens can be used in any dish chicken would be used in. Because the meat tends to be dry,most people prefer to use it in wet or moist preparations.
Muscovy Duck
The Muscovy is a native of South America. The meat is dark with a slightly gamey flavor, and a higher fat content, which gives it a tremendous flavor and helps retain the meats moisture. Drakes tend to weigh anywhere from 8-11lbs., while the Hen typically only weigh 5-6lbs. Muscovy are very versatile in cooking. They can be Broiled, Baked, Braised, Grilled, or used in stews. 
Water Ducks
These ducks are related to the mallard. They are much smaller then the Muscovy. Typically weighing only about 4lbs. The meat is very tender and they tend to have less fat. They are great for Broiling and roasting.
Boer Goat
Goats are some of the earliest animals domesticated by human beings. They can be dated back to at least 7000 BC. The Boer Goat is considered one of the most superior types of goat. They were originally bred in South Africa, and are now bred around the world for their incredible meat. All of Madani Halal’s goats are wethered (castrated). Castration helps prevent the odor that typically develops in the meat of goats that are not castrated. All of our goats are a maximum of 1 year old to insure the most tender and flavorful cuts. They are grass fed and raised in Texas. All of Madani Halal’s goats are raised in Texas and grass fed for a more earthy and organic flavor than those goats who are grain fed in cooler climates.  
Suffolk Lamb
The Suffolk lamb is an English breed. It is a crossbreed of the original British Southdown and the Northfolk horned. They are the dominant breed in Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia. They began to be exported to countries like The US, South America, Austria, Germany, and Scotland in the 19th Century. They are noted for their muscular limbs, delicate flavor, meatiness, and high quality wool. Many people believe the Suffolk is the best Lamb meat available.
Dorset lamb
The exact history of the Dorset is not completely known, but it 
is believed that during the time when Spain wanted to conquer 
England they brought over sheep, and had them cross bred with 
breeds from Wales.  Eventually the Dorset came about. This 
lamb is also flavorful and tender like the Suffolk. In fact, Dorset 
and Suffolk lambs are often crossbred with one another.